What is your policy on plagiarism?

Your academic institution has rules against plagiarism, so we do, too! It is not okay to submit plagiarized or unoriginal work to us for editing.

When you sign up for a Kibin account, you agree to adhere to our strict academic honor code, which states that you will not upload any documents to our editing service that contain un-cited or unattributed information copied from Kibin’s Essay Examples Library or any other sources.

If an editor discovers they are editing plagiarized work, your order will be cancelled. Your Kibin account will then be credited for the full purchase price of the document. We do not offer refunds for editing orders that are cancelled due to plagiarism (as reflected in Kibin's billing Terms of Service). 

The moral of the story? Plagiarism is never okay. Kibin has all the tools and resources you need to write a great essay on your own. 

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