How do I navigate my Kibin dashboard?

Once you have a Kibin account, your Kibin dashboard is your one-stop command center for all things Kibin.

You can download/archive/trash your edited documents, upload new documents, save your payment details, create invoices, and manage your Essay Examples Library subscription all in one place. 

Let's take a tour, shall we?

Navigation Bar

The first thing you'll see is the top navigation bar. Click on the drop-down next to your name on the right to navigate to your Settings, Manage Subscription, or Log Out: 

The "Essay Examples" tab takes you to your essay dashboard ("My Bookmarked Essays") and the database search portal:

The "Editing" tab takes you to your editing dashboard, purchase history, a list of your liked editors, and your Kibin credit balance:

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Uploading a document

Below the navigation bar, you'll see an area where you can upload new documents to our team of editing superstars. You can drag a file directly from a folder and drop it in the dashed rectangle to upload it, or you can click "upload document" to browse for the file on your computer. 


There are three main tabs to view:

In Progress

By default, you will see your "in progress" tab. This tab lists your documents that are currently being edited. You can see who is working on your document as well as how much time is left before your document is returned to you:

You can also see documents that you've uploaded but have not yet placed an editing order for. 


The "finished" tab gives you several additional options. You can...

Download a finished document:

Archive a document that you might want to retrieve later:

Trash a document you no longer need:

Or read the feedback your editor left you:

Want to let your editor know they did a fantastic job? Click the gray star next to a finished document to leave feedback for that edit:


Your archive is a handy place to stash documents that you're finished with for now but might want to review later. You can download documents from your archive or review the feedback any time you wish.

Important note: You can archive/delete documents only after you leave feedback for your reviewer. Once you've left feedback, the star turns black, and you can move the document to your archive or delete it.

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