How do I add a friend to my subscription?

If you want to show your classmates, colleagues, and family all that Kibin has to offer, you can add a friend to your Kibin account for free. Your friend will be given access to the Essay Examples Library through your account, but don't worry--they won't be able to see your account information or use your editing credits. 

Note: Only users with subscriptions to the Essay Example Library can add friends!

To add a friend, click the "Be an awesome friend!" button under "Essay Examples" on your navigation bar:

Next, you can post your invitation to either Twitter or Facebook, or copy/paste the link to share it privately:

After you post the invitation, your job is done! The friend that clicks the link first wins; they'll get to enjoy access to awesome essay examples all thanks to you.

If you decide to cancel your subscription to the Library, your friend will lose access, too! Keep that in mind before doing anything too hasty.

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