What kinds of writing do Kibin editors work on?

Short answer: Kibin editors are English experts who focus on making your writing shine. 

Here at Kibin, we maintain an editing roster of freelancers who have seen it all when it comes to writing. While some file formats (LaTeX and PDF files, for example) are not suitable for our service yet (we only accept .doc/.docx formats), we can take care of a long list of assignments, projects, and documents. 

We offer six different editing services to assist different kinds of writers with various types of documents: 

In the past year, our editors have worked on the following document types, plus many more:     

Student essays Admission essays Personal statements Journal articles
Resumes Research papers Outlines Discussion posts
Master's Theses Dissertations Homework questions Cover letters
Books ERAS Applications Creative short stories Blog posts
Lab reports Grant proposals Manuscripts Graduate coursework

You name it, and we've probably seen it, edited it, been there, done that, and got the t-shirt! We've even edited a laundry list or two. (You think we're kidding, but...) You can even see which documents specific editors like working on by checking out Kibin's editor bios

We accept all types of documents, but if you’re still not sure whether your writing is appropriate for our service, email [email protected] to chat about it. We'll direct you to the right service!

Our editors are available 24/7, so upload your paper any time at https://www.kibin.com/upload or via the link on your Kibin Dashboard. 

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