Does Kibin edit LaTeX files?

While we don't have the capacity to edit the file in the LaTeX format, we can absolutely still edit your document! 

Our upload system only accepts Microsoft Word documents in .doc or .docx format because we edit your document using the Track Changes feature. This means the LaTeX file will need to be converted before upload. Don't worry, though; it's really quick and simple to do! 

How to Convert from LaTeX to Microsoft Word

  • Save your document as a PDF.
  • Open the PDF file in Microsoft Word.
  • Voila! You can now upload your document to Kibin's editing team. 

You also have the opportunity to add a supplemental file and notes for your editor. Including the PDF version of your file will allow the editor to see your original formatting while they're working on the new file in Microsoft Word.

It's important to note that converting the file to .doc or .docx may change the formatting/layout of the document. Please double-and-triple-check your document's formatting and layout before you upload to Kibin AND after you receive your edited file. 

Note: The changes and suggestions from your editor will also need to be transferred to your original LaTeX file.  

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