I can't find what I'm looking for in the Essay Examples Library

Don't worry, we're here to help! If you're having trouble finding examples in the Essay Library, try these tips for more successful searches and relevant results: 

  • Keep search terms short. Rather than searching for an entire thesis statement or prompt, use a few keywords. 
    • Ex: Instead of “the South African government has failed in reducing the rate of unemployment,” try “South Africa unemployment”. 
  • Be specific.     
    • Ex: If “poems of English literature” returns too many or irrelevant results, search by specific authors, titles, or time periods: "William Wordsworth," "Tintern Abbey", "Romantic poetry"
  • Check out a related/relevant topic or subtopic. Kibin's search function will show you relevant topic and subtopic pages full of essay examples concentrated on one subject, idea, or theme. 

Explore these pages to find new connections to your own project or essays you may not have otherwise clicked on in the search results. 

  • Try multiple searches. When comparing and/or contrasting two topics, you’ll get better results by searching for topics individually. 
    • Ex: Instead of “ethical codes of counseling and nursing”, try “ethics of counseling” and “ethics of nursing” as separate queries. 
    • Ex: Rather than “A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury and Robot Dreams by Isaac Asimov,” search the titles separately. You'll see a wider range of results, giving you more ideas for comparing and/or contrasting the works.
  • Expand the word count. If you're filtering the results by a specific word count, be sure to leave a small buffer. For instance, instead of setting the filter to 350-350, try 200-450. That’s less than a page’s difference in terms of length, but you’re likely to see a higher number of relevant results that are close to what you’re looking for. 

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