How do I use my editing credit?

Each time your premium subscription renews, free money drops into your Kibin account in the form of credit that can be used toward our editing service. Monthly subscribers receive $35 in credit each month (up to 900 words/month), and annual subscribers receive $100 (up to 3,000 words/year). Think of using this editing credit like using an Amazon gift card. Plus, it's super simple to take advantage of this awesome deal!

On your profile, you can see how much editing credit you have right on your Kibin editing dashboard: 

Clicking on the credit balance takes you to the editing credit page, which tells you your balance (and the date that it expires if your subscription is active):

Note: Kibin editing credit purchased with an Essay Examples Library subscription will expire if it is not used by the end of each subscription period and does not roll over.

This credit is automatically applied to your next editing order. For example, if you upload a document that costs $19.99 to edit, your editing credit will cover the entire purchase price:

If you were to place a $100 order and had $40 in Kibin credit, you would only pay the difference out of pocket. That's a rockin' deal. 

As you might have guessed, your editing credit can be used for all manner of documents. Upload your resume, cover letter, admissions essay, creative writing, journal entry, discussion post -- if it has your own words, we can edit it! 

Your credit balance automatically updates after each purchase so you'll always know how much credit you have left! 

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