How can I request a specific editor?

Maybe you want to request an editor who's familiar with medical papers, or perhaps you had a great experience with the editor for your last paper and you want to request them again. Great news: you can! 

A $5 dollar fee is added to your total for any direct requests. This provides an incentive for editors to prioritize and make themselves available for work uploaded by their favorite clients.  If your chosen editor isn't available, we'll send you an email and credit the $5 back to your account.   

Request an Editor From Their Profile

If this is your first time requesting an editor or you want to try an editor you’ve never used before, start with our editor bios. You can browse profiles to find the editor who matches your needs:

If you're not sure who to pick, please email our Customer Happiness Team at [email protected]. Let us know what kind of editor you're looking for, and we'll suggest a few options for you. :) 

When you’ve found one you like, click the “Request This Editor!” button on the editor's profile page to start the direct request process. 

Easily Start Direct Requests via Liked Editors Box

If you liked the editor who worked on your last project and want to use them again, add them to your Liked Editors box on your editing dashboard. Click "Like this editor!" on their profile page (seen above). Then, you can request the editor or view their profile from your dashboard: 

Click the editor's picture to view their profile, or click the green button with the editor's name to start an editing request. 

Add a Direct Request to Your Order from the Upload Menu

You'll also see a small drop-down menu on your quote page that shows all the editors you've worked with in the past. You can select the editor you want from the list and complete your order.

When Your Chosen Editor is Unavailable...

Please remember that our editors work on a purely freelance basis. Because of this, you'll notice a few different options to select from that will dictate what will happen to your document if your chosen editor is unavailable. (Some options are only available for longer return times or users who have worked with more than one editor.)

If your requested editor cannot fulfill your editing order, you can send it to an alternate editor** or cancel the order and re-upload at a different time. If one of those options is not selected, your document will be added to our work queue and another skilled editor will complete the edit. Each one of our editors is a highly-vetted professional, so your documents are always in good hands. :) 

**Note that your editing order will go to the next available editor if your alternate choice editor is also unavailable. 

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